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Have you ever used bee pollen for any reason? Was it useful? Well, for an extended period, herbalists have peddled bee pollen. They alluded to it as an outstanding food with high nutritional value. They further said it has medicinal significance, thus can treat some illnesses. This article teaches about bee pollen benefits and all you need to know about it. Keep reading to acquire more information.


What is bee pollen? It refers to flower pollens that gather from bees’ bodies. It’s loaded with nutrients, including minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and lipids. Most people confuse it with either honeycomb, honey itself, royal jelly, or venom. The products mentioned lack bee pollen. You can find it in most food stores, skin softening products, or dietary supplements.


Bee pollen is used by most people for nutrition. It stimulates appetite, for stamina and athletic performance, and premature ageing. It's recommended for reducing chemotherapy side effects, improve asthma, and allergies. The one in the form of skin-softening products is an excellent remedy to babies' diaper rashes and eczema. Earlier, research suggested that bee pollen can be used for reducing the adverse premenstrual syndrome symptoms. For instance, bloating, irritability, weight gain, especially after using it for two cycles or more. 


Liver protection from toxic substances

The liver is a vital body organ serving various functions. Studies on animals indicate that bee pollen can promote the liver's detoxifying function. It boosts its antioxidant defence removing more wastes in older animals. More other reports show that it safeguards the liver against damage from toxins like in drug overdoses promoting liver healing.

It can lower heart disease risk

Did you know that the leading deaths cause globally is heart disease? The good news is bee pollen helps lower risks related to blood lipids and cholesterol- heart disease friends. Even shortsighted people using bee pollen can experience lowered blood cholesterol levels leading to improved vision. It again offers lipid protection against oxidation, hence no clumping to restrict blood vessels.

Reduces inflammation

Traditionally, bee pollen was used for inflammation reduction and swelling. Furthermore, animal study reports indicate decreased swelling in rats by around 70%. It suppresses biological process causing inflammatory hormone production; tumour necrosis.

Boosts immunity

If your immunity is low, you need supplements with bee pollen for a boost. It can reduce illnesses by killing bacteria, plus limiting allergy severity. To illustrate, a certain study showed that it decreased mast cell production that activates chemical production, which stimulates an allergic response.

May prevent infections and heal wounds

As earlier mentioned, bee pollen has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in wound healing. From animal research, it can treat burnt wounds the same way as Silver Sulfadiazine does. It significantly speeds up healings when applied. Having antimicrobial effects makes it perfect for preventing infections, thus promote healing mechanism for abrasions, cuts, and burns.

Eases menopausal symptoms

Extremely uncomfortable symptoms may come with menstrual cessation in women- menopause. Such symptoms include hot flushes, mood changes, night sweating, and sleep distances. But, bee pollen alleviates these symptoms. In a study of women supplementing with bee pollen, 65% experienced relief in hot flashes with other improved health benefits; less joint pain, decreased irritability, improved mood, and better sleep.

Safety and side effects

When taken through the mouth for around 30 days, it’s possibly safe. Evidently, it’s safe swallowing two tablets twice every day for a particular mix of 6 mg royal jelly, bee pollen, 36 mg bee pollen extract, 120 mg pistil extract for one tablet for two months. Safety concerns develop among individuals with allergic reactions. It may cause severe reactions, more so to people allergic to pollen.

Other side effects, as reported, is they can cause kidney and liver damages. However, it's not fully confirmed if the effects arise from other factors or the bee pollen. One dizziness case was reported. The guy took pollen extract combined with pistil extract, bee pollen, and royal jelly.


Bee pollen is strictly contraindicated to pregnant and breastfeeding women. It may not be safe for your growing fetus during pregnancy. It's said that it can cause uterus stimulation resulting in pregnancy threats. It’d also be essential to avoid using bee pollen when breastfeeding. There's still no adequate information to support but be warned because it might negatively affect your infant.

For people with pollen allergy, taking its supplementary products can seriously cause allergic reactions. Talk about itchiness, breath softness, lightheadedness, swelling, and severe body reactions- anaphylaxis. Furthermore, when bee pollen is accompanied by some blood thinners such as warfarin, it may result in increased bleeding. You should check with a professional mainly when buying over-the-counter herbals or medicines.


Similar to the factors affecting other medicine dosages, bee pollen dose depends on an individual's health, age, among other conditions. Up to date, we do not have sufficient scientific information on the average dose ranges for bee pollen. Remember, most naturally occurring products are not always safe, therefore, being careful on the dosage can be very crucial.  It’s recommended that you adhere to the guidelines provided on labels and manuals. Before using any bee pollen products, please consult a physician, healthcare provider, or even pharmacists.  

The bottom line

From the above information, you can now realize how imperative bee pollen is to our health. It has a wide range of nutritional and health-related benefits. For instance, faster wound healing process reduced premenstrual and menopause symptoms, immunity boost, reduced inflammation, heart disease risk, and allergy reactions. On the other hand, bee pollen can cause severe threats to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It can also lead to increased bleeding when taken with blood-thinning products.

 You should also note that most of the studies providing information are mainly based on lab work and test tubes. They primarily depended on animals to make a conclusion. For this reason, more human research will be more useful, though our bodies function almost the same as animals. Despite the side effects, bee pollen has numerous benefits for your body's health. You should therefore, purpose to get it in your diet to explore its goodness. You can get your portion of bee pollen by clicking  BEE POLLEN today.