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 Years ago, it was not difficult to treat diseases as it is today. The few disorders that existed could be easily treated without going to professional doctors and undergoing expensive surgeries. The rise of new diseases today has led to the urgency of inventing more medicines that contain lots of chemicals to make people sick-free. Unfortunately, some of these medicines prove to be ineffective and react negatively to humans. As a result, the medical department has opted to go back to the old years' drug, bringing propolis into the picture. 

Bees are known to be beneficial. People are familiar with honey, but little is known about propolis. This article will highlight everything you need to know about propolis. Continue reading to find out. 

Description of propolis.

Probably you have never heard of propolis. You know what it is if you have an idea of what a bee clue is- it's the same thing. It’s a hard, sticky material obtained from beehives and contains bee products. It was first used by Greeks, Egyptians, and Assyrians years ago but has gained its popularity presently due to its effectiveness.

It is produced by honey bees, which get them from plant parts and sap. Bees use it to build, repair, and protect their hives from bacteria and enemies. As for humans, it’s a great substance with full benefits.

What is propolis made of?

Propolis is beneficial because of its compounds. It’s purely natural. Instead of chemicals, its composition is generally made of bees’ products. 

Organic propolis is dark brown or green in color. Another pointy quality is its pleasant scent. The main compounds of natural propolis are:

  • Resins
  • Beeswax
  • Pollen
  • Essential oils depending on the geographical region
  • Compounds like acids, sugars and Vitamins B, C and E

Flavonoids like chrysin are the most essential substances found in propolis. These compounds act as antioxidants to humans. Bees get it from plants and flowers. The bee glue is formed after the bee mixes saliva with the plants, pollen, and bee wax. 

What are the paybacks of propolis?

The nutritional-rich substances found in propolis makes it medicinal in a wide range. It acts in the body in different ways and has proven to provide unbelievable health importance. The benefits include:

  • Kills bacteria, virus, and fungus by putting an end to their growth and spread
  • Weakens allergies in the body by blocking the release of histamine
  • Balances the blood pressure by weakening the enzymes that may cause high blood pressure
  • Boosts the bone activity and help to treat fractures thus strengthening bone weight
  • Blocks the growth of cancer cells like nose and throat cancer
  • Enhances teeth wellbeing and prevents cavities by killing bacteria and reducing the swellings around the gum
  • Protects the liver from toxins, injuries, and diseases from attacking
  •  Helps diabetes patients by lowering high sugar levels

How do you take propolis?

Propolis is available in many forms. Due to its variation in benefits, it has been categorized accordingly to make it easier to use according to the intended use. 

The dosage

Generally, propolis should be consumed once a day to support your immune system. However, there is a recommended dosage when used as the following:

  • For diabetes, 500 mg of propolis, digest it 3 times per day for 14 days. 900 mg of propolis daily for 3 months. 400 mg of propolis daily for 6 months.
  • As an inflammatory in the mouth; 80 mg of propolis, consume it two to three days daily. Then rinse with a bicarbonate solution.
  • As a rinse in the mouth, 5ml of propolis, rinse for 1 minute, take it three times daily for 7 days.  For 10 ml, rinse 3 times daily together with chlorhexidine mouthwash and fluconazole for two weeks.
  • To treat damaged skin, wounds, herpes, or feet and hand infection, apply undiluted propolis as a lotion or on the bandage.     

 Here are forms of propolis:

  • syrup

Most people hate tablets. If you are in a group of persons who prefer syrup, this fits you. Like honey, some propolis are available in syrups; hence the user consumes it through drinking.

  • Capsules

Some are powder-like and can also be taken as capsules. 

  • Toothpaste

Propolis provides oral health benefits. Brushing teeth with this type of toothpaste is helpful to get healthy teeth.

  • Propolis shampoo

Ladies, this is what you need for your hair. Applying it strengthens your hair, promotes growth, removes dandruff, soothes the scalp, and stops itchiness.  

Side effects of propolis

  • There is always the dark side of something, no matter how perfect it can appear. Propolis has the negative side too. Though the benefits are way too much, making the downsides unimportant to pay attention. 
  • Propolis is a big no if you are allergic to bee products or dislike anything that comes from bees. Lozenges, a compound found in it, causes irritation and mouth ulcers. 
  • Persons with bleeding disorders are discouraged from using propolis-based products on their wounds. It slows down the clotting process, and it may destroy your injury instead of healing it.

Precautions when taking propolis


Certain chemicals in propolis may worsen asthma reactions. It’s better to avoid them if you are asthmatic.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women

Although there is no given direction if propolis is safe on pregnant or breast-feeding women, it’s good to avoid them until it’s confirmed that it’s safe to use.

The Bottom Line

Most fast-reacting medicines are either sour or with a weird taste and smell that makes it unpleasant to take. It’s a big blessing to get an all-at-once dose with an excellent taste, and sweet smell yet offers substantial health benefits. Propolis is a unique substance that provides the body with wholesome benefits. Starting from the inside system to the outer frame. It has a significant application and great for killing all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and fungus.

Does propolis kill viruses?

It’s difficult and expensive to buy different products to solve all your various problems. Propolis has made things easier and cheaper. It's said to be the only product that kills bacteria, fungal infections, and viruses simultaneously.  

Propolis has pharmacological characteristics that are capable of killing viruses. Phenolics, propolis’ compounds get rid of antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal effects. The antiviral capability has worked on poliovirus, influenza A and B, reovirus, and HIV. There is no doubt about whether it kills viruses because it's clear it's capable of doing so. 

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