How do you recognize real honey in the store? How to buy honey?

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First of all, it's best to buy honey not at the store, but from a local beekeeper. What if we don't have that option? It is a bit difficult because we cannot open the jar but here are some tips for buying honey in the store :

Check the price. It is impossible to buy real honey for 5 pounds for a big jar. If the local beekeeper takes 15 pounds. Stay away from that kind of honey no matter what.

Avoid honey which jars have bulged lids. They mean that the honey is fermenting, which is a sign of too much water in the product. It should be less than 20 percent. Then honey without any preservatives can last for 3 years and longer.

Read the label carefully - honey cannot contain such substances as: fuctose corn syrup (HFC) or glucose - these are the additives used either to dilute honey or to feed bees, so that the honey they produce is devoid of beneficial plant substances, such as pollen. In addition, it is also not worth checking the country of origin :"comes from European Union countries and outside the European Union". Such inscription means that it is honey largely imported, for example from China or Argentina. It is uncertain how it was produced and stored. The most important, however, is that it was most likely made from plants foreign to us, and thus contains plant pollen unknown to our organisms, and thus can have a highly allergenic effect. If it contains pollen at all, because often this honey is made by mixing several different types of honey, which are uniquely heated and filtered to unify the color and consistency.

Check the consistency. Crystallization of liquid honey is a natural process that occurs during storage. Crystallized honey is real honey and does not lose its properties. On the contrary - it was always liquid honey that could be falsified or overheated in the process of extraction from a patch. Specially check that in autumn/winter time.

You can buy real honey imported from Poland here.