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Everyone loves putting in sweet things in the mouth. However, the mixings of chemicals in the manufacture of most products have made sweet things dangerous to our health. As a result, one has two options to consider. To keep off from sugary things and stay healthy or allow ignorance to take over and let your health deteriorate.

Choosing between the two is not easy. But pure products like multiflorous honey has made things simpler for us. This nutritional product is sweet yet chemical-free. You can confidently enjoy its yumminess without worrying about your health. Continue reading to find out about multiflorous honey.

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What is multiflorous honey?

No one has to tell you the benefits of honey. It’s already clear it plays a significant role in our wellbeing. Multiflorous is a particular type of honey that does better than other ordinary honey. 

It is acquired from different kind of flowers. Each bloom type has its unique nutritious quality. When a bee jumps on different plants, it acquires more varying benefits from all the flowers it has visited. More flowers increase advantageousness.  The after-product will contain a range of benefits wholesomely. It is for this reason multiflorous is much preferred than mono-flower honey. 

Why is multiflorous better than mono-flower honey?

One-mixture product is usually sweeter but contains limited content. Honey is no exception. Although mono-flower honey is sweetened, its usefulness is not as much as that of multi-flower. 

Multiflorous is the most common form of honey and the rarest. It is composed of nectars from flowers growing in different regions and with different elements. But often it has a particular mixture of flora that gives it a recognizable flavour making it the preferred choice to persons that love multi-flavours products.

Being made with different content makes it nutritious-rich and favour-best. No wonder it’s the go-to honey to some individuals regardless of its scarcity. 

The content of multi-flower honey

The most exceptional identifier of the two types of honey is their content, both physical and chemical composition. Certain factors influence the classification of the form of honey. These elements include:

  • Bee-species
  • Nectar-giving plant species
  • Soil
  • Climate
  • Geographical factors
  • Method of harvest

These factors will have a significant impact on the general make-up of multiflorous honey. Still, they all contain a high percentage of nitrogen, potassium, sodium and Soluble Solids, calcium, reducing sugars and ash content.

How can you recognize multi-flower honey?

The above question is the most asked question by honey-loving individuals who have little knowledge of the honey types. You may wonder, why bother to know the difference when both kinds of honey are sweet and have almost similar benefits? You have to understand the distinguishing factor of multiflorous if you want to buy it without confusing with other types. Otherwise, you'll always end up buying the wrong pick.

It has a diverse taste and flavour. It’s sweet but a little bit of bitter aftertaste. That depends on the nectar collected from the different crops, flowers and herbs. They have a bright colour and a pleasant aroma, and the colour ranges from cream to buff. It becomes light grey, pale yellow or light brown after undergoing crystallization. When it’s summertime or autumn, they become more abundant in enzymes, bio elements and antimicrobial characteristics. The simple sugars it contains; glucose and fructose are the foundation layers of the nutritional properties. 

Its mild taste makes it the right treatment for different diseases.

What does multiflorous honey help for?

The kind of benefits it gives to the human body depends on the flower or plant the bee landed on. 

It helps support and strengthens heart muscle due to its easy-to-digest reducing sugars. It is a powerful cure in diseases associated with the liver and gallbladder. 

It’s useful in providing immunization to people allergic to pollen. Multi-flower mild taste makes it a recommended treatment to children having flu, cold, fever, asthma and any other disease related to the respiratory tract. 

The fact that it contains lots of silicon makes it support blood circulation, nails, hair and bones. 

Important things to check before purchasing multiflorous honey

  • Ingredients

Ensure the ingredients states it is a honey-only product. It should be chemical-free. For other specifications, look at the flowers used in the processing. Usually, the manufacturers list them on the tin. It’s your choice to pick the one with appealing flowers. But that should not be a major concern if you don’t mind the type of nectar used.

  • Packaging

Ensure the product is well packaged and not interfered with. Don’t buy it if there are any signs of unoriginality of the item. 

  • Price

Multiflorous are cost-friendly compared to uni-floral, which are a bit expensive. You can get an affordable product containing all the benefits, but this relies on the manufacturer. Some brands pose higher prices on their items. 

Directions on how to use multiflorous honey

  • The intended use is the primary determinant of how you'll take your honey. Are you using it as a medicine, food additive, spreading on bread, or licking it for fun? 
  • If you are using it as treatment, it should last for not less than six weeks. Ingest it after dissolving in warm water if you want quick and effective results. Don't use hot water; it kills the useful enzymes. It is advised you take 1-2 tables spoons of honey three times a day. Dissolve in a half-glass cup of water. 
  • You should always read the labels, warnings and instructions mentioned in the product before using or consuming it. For safety purposes, confirm from the doctor if you are fit to use the product. 

The Bottom Line

People have varying taste preferences. Some like single-flavoured products, while others prefer multi-mixed things. Multi-florous honey fits persons that find uni-floral honey flat and boring to consume. 

Other than having a share of different flavours, multiflorous is less costly. You can buy it at an affordable price, and they are available in both physical and online stores. Apart from its fantastic taste, it's a great nutrition-giving product. It allows anyone to consume it, even people allergic to pollen. However, always ensure you talk to your doctor before using it!