Bee bread

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Bee bread has similar properties to pollen, but has a better effect on the body of bees, because it is a mixture of pollen from various plants. Similarly to pollen, it exhibits bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect. There is a much larger amount of peptides and free amino acids in feathers, which is why the feather protein is more biologically active and much easier to absorb.
It is an excellent nutrient for general development;
It works strengthening, regenerating and anti-anemic; 
Convalescent allows a faster return to full strength;
Pierzga perfectly regulates metabolism; 
Has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Works supportively in liver diseases.
Nervous and mental diseases - has an anti-depressant effect on people affected by depressed mood and soothing on people in excitement and neurosis.
It cleanses the body of toxins.
Pierzga and Pollen is called a wonderful measure because it has a very wide range of effects and properties. Its nutritional effect makes it recommended for children, the elderly and people who perform heavy physical or mental work.