Natural raw bee pollen

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Raw Bee Pollen – ideal food not only for bees

Bees and their achievements are not only delicious and healthy golden honey - our hard-working friends offer us much more! In our shop, you will get real bee pollen from the family bee yard in Poland, which is a real treasury of beneficial health properties. It helps with many diseases such as anemia, improves concentration and memory, improves metabolic processes. It will make your skin look healthier - you can also use it as an addition to cosmetics (e.g. face masks)! 

Properties of bee pollen:

  • pollen can be used as a supplement to daily rations, especially to strengthen immunity in the autumn-winter period
  • can be used as a conditioner to balance vitamin and mineral level
  • has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, detoxifying, lowering blood fat levels, adaptogenic and protective properties
  • improves physical and mental well-being
  • affects the growth of hemoglobin and red blood cells
  • vitamins are a valuable component of bee pollen, e.g. vitamin A is 20 times more than in carrots, B vitamins twice as much as in meat or liver

Bee pollen – safety in use

The location of the bee yard near forests and unused meadows gives you 100% certainty and guarantee that the bee pollen we offer has not been exposed to agricultural chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. This also guarantees that it does not contain genes from transgenic plants. So you can be sure that you use 100% GMO-free pollen in your treatment.


The natural vegetation growing around the bee yard is very diverse, which is why the dedicated pollen does not have a uniform color. This increases the range of its advantages, and you, dear customers, get the benefit of the unparalleled taste and quality of the pollen you buy from us.

How to dose bee pollen?

Raw Bee Pollen can be consumed daily or treated for several months. As a rule, the dosage is as follows:

- children 6-12 years old - 15 grams,

- children over 12 years old and adults - 20 grams,

- adults undergoing treatment - 30-40 grams.

How to eat pollen? It is worth grinding it (e.g. in a coffee grinder) or pouring it over with warm water and milk (e.g. in a 1/2 ratio). Put the prepared product aside for a few hours to swell.


People suffering from allergies, atopic bronchial asthma and hypersensitive to some of the ingredients contained in bee pollen are advised to use it with caution or consult a doctor in advance.

Storage of bee pollen

The pollen should be stored in a tightly closed receptacle or packaging, in a cool (approx. 5°C) and shaded place.


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Our client’s reviews

Thank you so much for answering so fully. I'm fully satisfied. Your answer I read like poetry, I imagined this meadow, flowers and river. Natural products have this magic that if we know where they come from, they have power. It sounds mystical, but I believe in it very much. Now I can use the product and I will think about those places you mentioned, Thank you again.  

A daily dose of energy and vitamins. There's nothing better for me.)

Dissolved in cool water, set aside for the night and drunk on an empty stomach in the morning, it acts as a firecracker for resistance. The best.


I don't know if it's the power of suggestion or if this pollen is so amazing, but since my husband and I drink infusions overnight, we feel much better. I'll definitely order a lot more. Thank you for the bee pollen:)