Propolis ointment 7% 20g

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Propolis Ointment protect skin regerenate epidermis 20g.




Propolis ointment protects the skin and accelerates the process of regeneration of the epidermis. By its nature it makes the skin strengthened and nourished.


Propolis (propolis) is a natural substance produced by bees. Applied ointment extract of propolis, thanks to the content of many biologically active compounds, which include flavonoids, phenolic compounds, terpenes and micronutrients, antibacterial and regenerating.

How to use:

Used three times a day by applying a thin layer on the skin surface.


Petrolatum, lanolin, propolis extract.


Do not use if people allergic to bee products. It may a little change colour of skin for yellowish.

Packing: 20g